Our aproach

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We are challengers

We always challenge the status quo.

We offer high quality digitalization and our ambition is to become technological leaders.

We offer you guidance and we never settle until we find the best solution that grows your business.

We empower you to build your tech vision with the art of digital solutions.

We are well informed

We use creativity but rely on knowledges and information.
Our team is formed of professionals that share a core value: the culture of sharing.
We believe that when one of us grows, we all grow. This is why we constantly help each other develop. So we could help your business also develop, using our combined strength.
Well informed

We are supportive

We take pride in that we are close to our clients.
We actually dislike de term clients, we like to use the term partners.

We are your partner in digitalization: we work to understand your process and how can we bring it into the digital world, within your time and budget limits.

We are team players

We use follow the Agile working methodology, keeping our iteration cycles short. This methodology advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement.

This helps us stay on track and also helps you to have a good overview of our progress through the entire development and delivery lifecycle.
Team players

We take ownership

We are fully commited in each task of every project we have.
Going digital is a big project with a lot of tasks on the list.
Fortunately, we are The Big Byte. We are active and enthusiastic.
We take things off your plate and put it on ours.
We take worries and offer the best solutions.